Qigong Stage 1-Relaxation. August 2021

We invite anyone who has the desire to learn qigonq- energy art from China- to increase and develop their own energy. We start from the basics. What is energy or qi and how do we create energy flow in the body?

This course will focus on relaxation and self-healing and we will learn:

  • open energy points in the body for energy intake from the environment
  • practice dynamic and static exercises to release tension, open energy blockages that can manifest as pain, stiffness, numbness, etc.
  • release free energy flow along energy pathways, through arms, legs, back and whole body, and to be in the flow
  • gather and strengthen energy in the lower energy center dantian for increasing vitality, physical and mental strength.

It will be some theory of the basics of qigong principles, especially Zhong yuan qigong – a very broad and complete system of self-development – the oldest of all known qigong types in the world with roots in Shamanism, Buddhism, and Taoism.

We will learn Zhong Yuan qigong self-healing methods:

  • activate the sensitivity of the hands to be able to feel energy imbalances in the body
  • clean and change energy in particular places in the body that is out of balance

This course is for you who have the desire to:

  • heal physically, emotionally, and mentally
  • develop themselves
  • create more energy in everyday life
  • slow down aging
  • make changes in your own life…
  • create the time to practice daily

There are unlimited possibilities in this system that I am so fascinated about, and you yourself can choose how far you want to go and how deep you want to reach in your self-development.

12-15 August 2021

Thursday, Friday: 17-20

Saturday, Sunday: 10-13

We start the course on Thursday evening, August 12 at 5 pm with an hour of introduction with some exercises. Those who are curious and want to know more about this course, can test and feel if it is something for you. After an hour of introduction, you can decide if you want to learn more about this qigong and move on to the course. After the course, everyone gets a diploma of Step 1 in Zhong Yuan qigong.

Price for course-120 Euro.

Welcome everyone who is interested in energy exercises and wants a change!

Registration and questions by e-mail (Fb Jolita Tølkkø), then I send directions. Possible course online in  Swedish/Norwegian or English

Tel. 0731548140 Jolita

email: jolitatolk@hotmail.com

about Zhong Yuan qigong http://www.holisticwomenblog.com/what-is-zhong-yuan-qigong/

about instructors http://www.holisticwomenblog.com/instructors/

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