Transformation of emotions

Sadness, sorrow, hopelessness, anxiety, fear… From time to time, we do experience these emotions. We fight them, we suppress them, we try to ignore them, replace them with some activities.  And we don’t feel it for some time. Oh, maybe it’s over? Unfortunately, those unwanted emotions are coming back again and again like an unexpected guest…We become exhausted in this endless fight, we are searching for a way to release it, and then we start to observe our emotions.

Such an easiness just to observe and don’t feel the pain. We dive into the indescribable sweetness of awareness… We find the solution, we practice being an observer. You know that stuff- beyond the mind, here and now  …We recognize our painful emotions before it overwhelms us, and we become really good at this. Many ancient traditions teach us that in many different ways. Just observing, staying aware, like in the centrum of a tornado where is serenity and quietness. Suddenly we feel so much more space inside of us. Are we cured?

What is beyond the quietness?

And here opens the door for new experiences of clarity, the joy of being, and the power of creation. We are getting back in touch with our passion and worthiness, compassion, carriage, and life within us.

The ancient knowledge of five elements Wu Xing taught us the transformation of energy and emotions. By balancing energy through 5 elements: fire, earth, air, water, tree– we are transforming our emotions.

  • Hate, impatience, and abandonment to the joy of being, love, and compassion.
  • Anxiety, overthinking, worry to openness, fairness, and action.
  • Sadness and sorrow to the carriage and confidence.
  • Fear to wisdom, serenity, and gentleness.
  • Anger and resentments to generosity, kindness, and vision…

And we are balancing not only our emotions, organ functions, and all-over health, but also we are developing our virtues as well. The Taoist wisdom of Wu Xing is multidimensional and we can understand just a little part of it, but anyhow we can find some ancient qigong schools, learn the healing practice of Wu Xing, and by using it to improve our daily lives.

More about one of the oldest known qigong schools:


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