What is your image for peace now?

We get frustrated, angry, hopeless, we try to solve “it” in our minds, find a solution, the right way to act, think, and feel … We will provide support and help for the people, situation, and the country.  We do it in many different ways, on several levels, as we learn it from a holistic perspective: body, mind, spirit

What can We do for changing the situation in the World? 

  • We are helping people and the country in need.  Our time, money, and material thing.
  • We give our energetical support, standing by and expressing clearly our compassion and support
  • We get balance in our own energy by practicing meditation, mantras, and prayers. We are entering the depths of our hearts and tuning to the vibrations of the higher Worlds….

    The image of peace is emerging and we hold it as long as we can, make it stronger and stronger …

    What is your image for peace now?

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