Taoist meditation/evening practice from September

Taoist meditations are the most natural self-healing and connecting methods of mankind. We connect to the earth and the sky, we activate and focus energy in our bodies with the help of our mind and consciousness. It sounds easy …

There are some principles we must follow before beginning Taoist meditations:

Change your focus inward, ground yourself, and make contact with the space above and around you. Heaven-Man-Earth.
Breathe with your stomach, feel the diaphragm move up and down and your lungs fill with air. No effort, no tension, no hyperventilation
Take time to calm your mind, relax, enter a state of qigong
Focus your attention and Qi on the particular meditation object
Be the observer …

Let us explore this in our practice

Every night we will explore a new meditation from the Taoist tradition. There will be meditations to activate different centers and functions in the body. First and foremost, Taoist meditations provide health benefits:

open energy circulation in the body and improve functions in the organs,
heals emotional and mental imbalances,
increases the ability to concentrate and silences the unbroken flow of thoughts
expands consciousness and much more …

Registration: on FB messanger Jolita Tølkkø or SMS 0046 731548140



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