What is Zhong Yuan qigong?

Ancient and Complete Healing & Self-Development System

Steeped in shamanic, Taoist and Buddhist practices, the Zhong Yuan Qigong (ZY Qigong) system integrates the physical, energy and spiritual anatomies. ZY Qigong is an ancient and complete healing and self-development system, a practice to cultivate the connectedness of the human being with the universe. It combines movement, breath, and mindful meditation to activate, store and focus qi or energy for personal cultivation and healing self and others. ZY Qigong is simple, safe, and easy to learn, yet it is a powerful transformational tool for achieving wellness, wisdom, and enlightenment. One can access and utilize this energy immediately and reach the power of an adept in a comparatively short period of time.

You will feel qi (your life force) in your own body and in your own spirit. The power of this practice is transmitted with assistance from more than 7000 years of realized teachers. ZY Qigong is a path that can bring you all the way home. For those experiencing spiritual emergence or emergency, those looking to improve health or develop their spirit, this practice has much to offer. It has discarded unnecessary cultural elaborations, retaining only the methods that really work. It is currently practiced by more than forty thousand students worldwide and has trained hundreds of ZYQ teachers and Image Therapy healers.

From North American ZY Qigong Association http://zyqigong.org/what-is-zy-qigong/

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