Why do we practice qigong?

We practice qigong because we want to be healthy and live a long happy life.

We want to feel strength and stamina in our bodies, and alertness in our minds. We wish to feel lightness in our hearts and easiness in our emotions.

We wish to live at the peak of our energy, creation, and awareness.

We want to grow and develop ourselves all lifelong. And we wish to experience realization and fulfillment in whatever we do…

We wish to live our lives in wholeness, inner peace, and bliss. In the endless flow …

Before we are there – we practice, and when we are there we do practice as well…

Course for beginners in Sweden on http://halsoatelje.heymo.se/qigong-kurser

Online coursesĀ https://www.holisticwomenblog.com/qigong/



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