Can we boost our immunity?

Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc, we use those remedies a lot in the last year. We do it because we wish to protect ourselves, navigate safely in this turbulent time. It’s good, it doesn’t hurt, we feel stronger, more vital, and maybe more resistant to stress and infections around us.  A deficiency of some vitamins and minerals can make a huge unbalance in our body, mind, and of course our immune system. For example, vitamin C, B group vitamins, minerals like magnesium, zink, selen, etc.,  take part in uncountable vital reactions in the human body. The deficiency in one of them starts a cascade of functional unbalances in the body. The body in unbalances becomes an easy deal for infections or any diseases.

Everything that brings us into balance makes us and our immunity stronger. We can’t help our immunity if we overuse vitamins minerals and other natural remedies.

  • We need to fill up and eliminate the deficiencies for essential mineralas, vitamins, fatty acids etc.
  • Support organs functions with natural remedies and terapies if there is need for it. Liver, kidneys, intestin, heart, lungs, spleen, etc

Only when we reach the balance state – equilibrium we become more resistant to diseases.

Where to start? The holistic approach is – by taking care of our physical body we also take care of our emotions, mind, energy, soul… How to know what do we need to supplement with to get balance in our body’s chemistry? We start with essential minerals and vitamins of course. We have a special focus to fill up with magnesium. If it is possible to make a test or have a consultation with a nutritionist to detect a deficiency of other minerals, trace substances: potassium, iodine (iodine supplementation needs an intake of selenium first), zinc, selenium, iron, etc, and vitamins B group, C, D, A, E. Research shows that the vast majority are deficient in magnesium and iodine.

If you can’t take tests or consultations, then take good quality vitamins and minerals a couple of times a year. These are the basics. In the high season of viral infections is a good combination of Vitamin D, C, Zinc, Vit B3 ( Niacin), and amino acid Lysin. It is not an advertising article but you can check excellent supplements as *Lysin complex* at Swedish nutrition supplement company EVP. Quercitin another bioflavonoid helping to fight viral infections by binding to receptors in the lungs.

When we change the chemistry in our body’s cells with the help of natural remedies, we also change emotions, mood, and energy as well. As a consequence, we become more whole and more resistant to outside influences.

Take care of your health,  nourish and balance your body. Important to reduce stress with the remedies I wrote in previous posts. Not less important to choose and regularly practice some body-mind practice (qigong, yoga, taichi, breathing exercises, etc) that resonates with your heart and keeps your energy optimal and mind calm.

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