What makes me present now?

After I have read all the news I became uneasy, agitated and worried. It is not a good thing, it doesn’t help at this time. How do we come back to balance, quietness, and clearness of mind and together stay alert, conscious and responsible for what we can do best to support people in the particular situation in the best way. I, like many others, have to go out and keep health and social service running. We meet a lot of people each day and work at a high risk of self-contamination and contamination of others. We carry a huge responsibility for the most vulnerable people we are helping. We are in permanent stress which starts to affect our ability to relax, rest, etc.

We understand that this situation going to stay for some time and we have to find an approach to bring ourselves in balance and keep the service running for those in need.

Healing meditation

We use mantra Ming for brightening our lungs and the entire body.

Let bright white light enter your head and heal, brighten the entire body and all planet Earth…


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