Medicine of the future

Ancient people knew about the dependence between the mind, energy, and the physical body. All the time healers, medicine men, and women from all traditions used spiritual and energy approaches for healing the body and soul. Now in our times, we rediscover it again as a power of quantum energy or the power of the concentrated and focused mind.
Can we develop such a strong mind that would be able to change energy and matter and cure a physical body and soul? Theoretically, we know we can.
When we study Traditional Chinese medicine and look at the complicated, enormous knowledge-loaded maps with energy meridians and points of the human body, we wonder who finds out where those energy channels and points are situated, how they are connected, etc. The roots of TCM are from an ancient doctor Bien Chue’s (407-310 B.C) school. He was the doctor who started a direction of medicine in ancient China where the doctors or healers could clearly see the energy channels, energy points, energy changes, and unbalances in the human body. All those complicated drawings of energy channels that Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners are using now came from this ancient school. Those practitioners realized that the human body is unique and is necessary to develop human senses and abilities such as the inner vision or sensitivity of hands and all the body for diagnosis and cure of diseases. For example, acupuncture points are situated not in the same place for everybody and the healer has to feel those points to ensure the right targeting of needles for successful results.
Later Traditional Chinese Medicine separates from its primordial source and develops science about the human body and energy. TCM is based on knowledge brought from those practitioners who had developed senses and extended abilities. Those who could see, feel, receive and change information using more senses as the regular eyes, ears, smell, etc.
This forgotten primordial and original Chinese medicine art is the source of future medicine and got the name Image medicine. It was revived and developed by a genuine and devoted healer Xu Mingtang in China in the last 30 years and is available to learn and use now.
How can we explain such an unusual healing approach – Image medicine in the Western world? The most similar is the concept of quantum energy.
Using Image medicine, the wrong image is changed by the power of the mind, consciousness, and extended abilities. Then the physical body, energy, and information ( information could be understood as karma, trauma, etc) will be changed as well. Is it so simple? By training the practitioners of Image medicine need to develop Image thinking…
As we know when we get sick, first our body’s energy, and after that the physics change. First, some unbalance in the energy system appears and then physical changes happen in the body: by a stroke or dementia, the changes appeared in the brain or by a heart attack in the heart, by diabetes in the pancreas, etc. Some unbalances can also manifest as the wrong connection between organs, like in the case of depression the connection between the brain and heart becomes interrupted, etc.
Image medicine is a holistic approach and cures the physical body, energy, and soul simultaneously therefore all the time it cures the reason for an illness and unbalance. By this approach the organs are cleaned, activated, and regenerated, the right image of organs and connections between organs are restored, and much much more…
The good news is that everyone can learn it and help yourself and others.
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