Why are we waiting sooo long ?

Why we are waiting so long for inspiration and not doing anything?
I am not good enough, really, I feel so. There are so many others better than me in any field. It is a fact, anybody can agree with that. Because I am not the best – I can’t do anything. Let’s explore that…
Why do I need to be the best to be able to do something? Maybe because people should learn from the best, from someone who knows everything, and I am far from knowing everything… Is my point of view interesting and beneficent for someone? Everything already exists, everything is created, what more can I contribute with???
I know that real things come with inspiration, I will wait, I don’t like to push it with effort. Meanwhile I am asking for inspiration, guidance, direction, a sign, and I am waiting… Nothing happens! I have been waiting for soooo long!
I have to do something, I am ready for it! I will take one STEP and then another STEP, I won’t wait anymore for the big picture, a complete vision or a great inspiration. I will take a STEP in the direction I am attracted to, and then I will sense and see how my way will appear, just like Rumi said…
It feels so liberating

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