As we start to walk on the way…

…the way appears. Are there so many people that have problems to trust and dare to take a step without knowing where the road leads?

Did Rumi mean we can only see the way when we overcome our own fears and take the first step?

Is it the real action, the first step into darkness into nowhere? It feels so frightening!

How can we take that first step?

We feel we are disconnected from our own soul and then we are so scared to start to go on the way. We choose to go on other roads because sometimes in our lifetime we lost this contact, we stop to listen and we can’t hear the voice of our soul anymore.

And even if we are still longing for more, we feel paralyzed and can’t take a step.

We gather all our courage to take the first step and then the journey begins…

The journey to freedom, fulfillment and possibly wholeness.





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