How to enter deep silence

So many noises from our mind and so many interactions between emotions and mind, which gives us troubles to enter peace of mind, silence, and present. Sometimes the mind is more active, and sometimes our emotions can’t calm down.  It is very difficult to say to our mind– “be silent”. The mind doesn’t listen. It’s just as difficult to order our emotions to be quiet, they don’t listen either. The emotions influence our minds and another way around, our thoughts influence our emotions. The carousel of thoughts-emotions starts to spin. We have already tried to stop or to change it for so many times, but it doesn’t work. We get exhausted, we feel that we lose the fight over our thoughts and emotions and together we lose our vital energy, our life force. Most importantly we lose contact with our pure essence, and we don’t feel who we really are anymore…  Who am I?

I started to look some practice in desperation many years ago. My desire was to find a way to enter the state of elevated consciousness, mental and emotional clarity,  calmness and silence. My journey was not so easy and straight, but I learned a lot of meditation techniques, holistic systems, and therapies which help me somehow on my way.

More than ten years ago I found an approach which includes body, mind, and spirit. It was a very old qigong system where I found all I desired to learn and everything that I had collected before from everything I have been through.  And up to now, I didn’t find anything that didn’t exist in this system. This ZYQ -Zhong yuan qigong is the oldest of all known qigong systems in the world and has appeared seven thousand years ago. It integrates shamanic, Buddhist and Taoist practices in one complete body-soul development system.

Everything that humanity should know and learn, were transmitted through ascendant masters, great teachers, lineage holders…  How to relax a body, collect energy and allow free energy flow to heal us; how to become calm, reach the silence of mind and deep awareness; cultivate strength and power of our own hearts, open the heart and become fearless; how to enter the deeper states of silence where we are no longer disturbed by tensions, thoughts, emotions, where the real soul transformation journey begins…  Such systems are the treasures that we discover now in the modern world. It was released from holding in the secret of tradition holders for the centuries… All the new approaches, techniques, therapies for self-development are created from those eternal, inexhaustible and timeless sources all of us still are quenching our thirst from.

There are four steps for self- development in ZYQ system, that are available now. The system consists of breathing, static and dynamic meditations and simultaneously trains and transforms our body, emotions, and mind/spirit. 

First step – Relaxation. Opening a free energy flow in the body, gathering and refining the quality of Jing energy in the lower energy center (navel area), releasing tensions and energy stagnations in the body. Strengthening the physical body. It is basics for further development.

Second step –  Quietness. Silence of mind. Cleaning, storing and transforming energy Qi in our heart center. Opening the heart center. Emotional clarity, self-confidence, freedom, and power from the heart. Growing intuition.

Third step- Pause (Deeper state of silence). Strengthening the third eye center, our spiritual energy Shen, intellect; developing abilities, creativity, and mental strength.

Fourth step- Truth– opening the central canal for soul journey and communication in other dimensions. Beginning of spiritual energy- Shen transformation.

Fifth step- Wisdom– not available to a wide audience yet, given directly from Master to the pupil. Based on spiritual laws, requires a certain level of soul development and extended energy of the heart, disappearance of ego.

How to enter the silence? 

  • learn to relax the body
  • gather and improve energy quality in your energy centers
  • open the energy flow and make your daily practices in this flow
  • breath, meditate and let energy from Heaven and Earth flow through your body

The deep silence let us open the door to our further journey…

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