About the imbalances by holistic perspective

As you probably know, we can influence and regulate the chemistry of our body, and hormones aren’t an exception. From the holistic perspective there are 3 approaches or levels about imbalances in our body: physical, emotional-energetical and mind-spiritual. Let’s explore it.

The physical imbalances or physical stress manifests in our body like injuries, inflammations, allergies, food intolerances, parasites, infections etc. We can help our body to get rid of physical stress by changing our life style, choosing healthy diets, eliminating allergens, killing parasites, using right supplements, or help of surgeons etc.

Emotional or energetical imbalances we create most with negative emotions like grief, disappointment, hopelessness, emotional trauma, jealousy, anger, sadness, hatred etc, and of course stress from inability to manage daily life.  We know everything about it and we are working here to balance our emotions with help of many therapies like EFT, hypnotherapy, cognitive therapy, aromatherapy, flower medicine, herbs and many many more.

How about stress from our mind? Is it our ideas about how and what I should be, life should be, partner should be, others should be? We create and hold on to these beliefs for a very long time…that we become those beliefs. How can we disconnect from or delete those ideas and beliefs we were creating for so long? Now they already manifest like mind and body sicknesses and imbalances in our hormones and overall health.

We somehow have to come behind those ideas and get contact with who we really are. We need to find this eternal part of us where power of life, joy, vitality and wholeness is.

How can we get there? Where to go? How can we get the mind to be in contact with and listen to our spirit?

In medical language: hypothalamus-pituitary- pineal glands or more beautiful- Chrystal palace. Here is our command and management center. Here the regulation of essential physicals processes, most of hormones and vital substances in our body happens. Here our behavior patterns, memory, consciousness and unconsciousness, emotions and mind interacts. Hypothalamus-pituitary- pineal glands are performing incredible complicated processes in the human body. Science is trying to get an understanding about these processes, but can only manage a very little part of it. We can try to correct it gently  with help of some remedies… and maybe sometimes we can manage stress or unbearable emotions or heavy state of mind… But we have to go deeper to reach our essence by any mind-body practice, mindfulness, meditation or spiritual tradition which resonates with our soul and fills our heart with joy.

And the good news is that in whatever level we will heal ourselvs – physically, energetically or spiritually – they interact between each other and will support the entire hormone system and overall health.

I will write more about remedies and methods on this blog.



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