Taoist meditation in qigong practice

Taoist meditations are one of the most powerful practices in many qigong styles. We are practicing with help of our mind or awareness to direct qi flow through channels or to the organs and energy centers. Taoists already many hundreds of years ago mastered the holistic approach to support all structures in human nature: physical body, energy, and spirit.

First and foremost Taoist meditations give us huge health benefits and improve energy levels if we do it properly. Taoist meditations are a very large topic, I will explain it from the Zhong Yuan qigong perspective – the ancient qigong system rooted in Taoism.

The practice of Taoist meditations lets us increase energy along energy channels and balancerefine and transform energy in our energy centers. It means that we are able to transform our body, energy, and mind or soul.

We practice Taoist meditations with the help of focused breathing techniques, focused mind, or only awareness. There are some principles we have to follow before we start Taoist meditations:

  • Change your focus inwards, ground yourself, and connect with space above and around you. Sky-Human-Earth. 
  • Breath with your abdomen, feel how the diaphragm moves up and down and lungs filling up with air. No efforts, no tensions, no hyperventilation. 
  • Take time to calm your mind, relax, enter a qigong state.
  • Direct your mind, attention, and Qi to the particular meditation object. 
  • Be the observer…

Taoist meditations are the most natural practices that humanity has. We connect to the Earth and the Sky, we activate and focus energy in our bodies with the help of our mind and awareness. It sounds being simple… Let’s explore it in our practice.


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