Easy way to produce real vitamin C

We, everybody, know that we can’t survive without this essential vitamin which is like cofactor, catalysator, and starter for countless interactions in the body. I won’t mention all of them in this post, only very important vitamin c role for restoring the function of adrenals.

If you feel tired simply use real, whole foods vitamin C, not a synthetic ascorbic acid. According to the research of vitamin and mineral expert, Marley Robins ascorbic acid is damaging the balance of minerals and are not beneficial like it was believed in many decades.

Our adrenals stores more than 90% of bodies vitamin C supplies. As they become weaker, by the emotional or metabolic or physical stress, their function becomes insufficient and we simply feel tiredness all the time…

Good news is that we have so many plants rich in this essential vitamin and we can prevent and cure chronic tiredness. 

In the Northern part of the globe, we have amazing fruit Rosehip, which is richer in vitamin C than citrus fruits. One tsp of malt dried fruit powder has approx. 25 mg of vitamin C, lots of vit. A, Vit E , choline, other B vitamins, minerals, lycopene etc. and you can get it for free, only pick them up in the autumn, dry in low temperature 40-50 degree Celcius and grind it to the powder. You can use in smoothies, yogurt, etc. Now is the time to pick up rosehips!

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